Stephanie's Reviews


“The iconic Berry Gordy said “Stephanie Spruill is a great performer and she reminds me of Eartha Kitt and Sarah Vaughan.”

-Berry Gordy

“Stephanie we had such a great time at your show. Words are inadequate but.... Your performance was excellent and you were wonderful, vivacious and you were sangin girlfriend!! Thank you for a fabulous night of entertainment in the highest order.” Take care my sista for life.

-xoxoxo Brenda Russell

“Thank you Stephanie for being the super talented, super classy and always gracious and true eighth wonder that you are. Thank you and your staff for your hospitality.....what a brilliant show!! an unforgettable evening!!!

-Eric Mercury

I flew in from Germany just to see Stephanie Spruill’s show... and it was worth every mile I flew, more than I can say. That was a GREAT Performance! After Dancing with the Star... I’m never gonna dance again!!! Thank you Stephanie Spruill for the beautiful memory and for the song "As time goes by." Thank you!


You are Such an Inspiration! Love your cd "It's A Jazzy Day" and your book "17 Points to Longevity in Show Business"!

-Rachel Noelle

Last night "The Stephanie Spruill Live" show at Sheila E's (E Spot in Studio City CA) was purely amazing!!!!! I interviewed many of the greatest artists in music history however; my favorite interview was with our super star herself, Stephanie Spruill... Stephanie, and her music, is a breath of fresh air, and she's a joy to be around. When Michael Jackson has called you in the middle of the night to discuss music, you know you're a bad girl in the business.

-Davi Davenport

Happy to see me in Stephanie Spruill's book. She is the most Positive person I have ever met. Amazing teacher and dear friend! "I came to Ms. Stephanie to learn the proper American-English accent...but I learned so much more. I needed the proper accent so badly because I was going to record my new album for the American market. After working with her for several months the results were amazing. I recorded the album and the first thing that my agent was asking people from the music industry was "do you hear an accent?"... and they were like " accent?...what accent?". Ms. Stephanie's system of working plus her joy and Super-positive energy made my 2 hour lesson fly by like it was only a 2 minutes lesson.... and every time I was driving back home, I was having that pure blessed feeling... that, I still can't explain."

-Dan Balan

Stephanie, you are radiant, your performances have electricity that is so very difficult to describe!! You are SOUND, FORM, DANCE, VIBRATION...YOU ARE AMAZING. As if I could capture lightning in a bottle... Through my Photo/Videography, I have attempted to come close.

-Craig Levine

Stephanie Spruill in all her glory! Charisma pouring from her pores and a bonafied original, her pipes are a thing of angelic power. Touched by a higher power and sharing her soul through soul with the world.

-The E Spot Lounge

Hello! My name is Zoe Jackson. Singing is my true passion. I’ve been to so many different vocal coaches but I never seemed to learn much from them. When my dad (Randy Jackson of American Idol) told me about going to Mrs. Stephanie I thought it would be a great idea. Even from the first lesson I've felt myself learn something new every time and grow. I as well think being in Ms. Stephanie’s classes has helped me become more free and confident when singing on stage. I don’t know what my singing or performing would be like if I wasn’t with Mrs. Stephanie. She’s the best vocal coach ever.

-Zoe Jackson

Wonderful CD! Blown away by the vocals especially on “SUMMERTIME”! As well as the easiness and sincerity of your voice on your version of ‘DINDI”. Very nice. Will be listening again, I’m sure. By the way we had a GREAT time at your show! YOU and THE ENSEMBLE of PLAYERS phenomenal! The show is woven into a wonderfully endearing hour and more of a celebration of some of our finest writers and it moves so nicely, for our enjoyment, straight into a night for each of us to remember. Stephanie Spruill is capable of taking each of us along with her on a daring, bold, adventurous ~ and charming ride through different genres of music that she ties up nicely making each her very own. So … if you want to take that someone special to something special take them to see STEPHANIE SPRUILL.

-Scott Galloway